Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Watch me paint

This is a short clip from a TV documentary (January 2007) that profiled me as an artist. I filmed this with my digital camera as it was playing on my TV so the quality is not very good.

It shows how I created my painting Abstract Nude With Pink Lips". I used Chinese ink brush for the ink lines and acrylic paint for the color. I put the paper on the floor and bend over it when I paint - it gives me more freedom of movement and makes it easier to 'let go'. I create instinctively and try to use my subconscious as much I as can. Sometimes magic happens and it works on the first try as you see in this video clip. I might post more videos if I can get someone to film me when I paint :)

You can view more of my paintings on my website: www.MartinaShapiro.com

Thinking Of Picasso, original painting - SOLD

Thinking of Picasso, original painting by artist Martina Shapiro

Visit artist's Martina Shapiro website to view more paintings: www.MartinaShapiro.com

- painted in ink and acrylic paint on heavy weight, acid free watercolor paper, Size: 18 x 24 inches (46cm x 61cm).

I was thinking of Picasso when I created this painting and there is something about this blue nude that is Picasso-like - you get that kind of feeling of raw strength, passion and intensity from this painting.